Jamonisimo, Spain

Ham Purveyor to reknowned chefs such as Anthony bourdain, Ferran Adria, Alain Ducasse,Joël Robuchon.

I first heard about Jamonisimo on Anthony Bourdain’s special on “Decoding Ferran Adria“, the scene where he rubs a piece of iberco jamon on his lips,and the look of satisfaction on his face thereafter, left such a strong impression on me that it was one of the first places on my list to hunt down, the moment I knew I was going to be in Spain. Enter Jamonisimo, a quaint little shop in the middle of a busy Barcelona neighbourhood.

Racks and racks of delicious, cured ham, left out to dry. But not just any kind of ham, this was Jamón ibérico, or Iberico Ham, or pata negra, or simply put it, the best damn ham in the world. And make no mistake about it, Jamonisimo makes a conscious effort so source out the best hams in Spain.

We started out with a platter of choritzo and various other kinds of sausages. They were all good and had their own distinct personalities; smoky, salty, decadent, even nutty at times. Good

And then we came to the real deal, the Iberico ham. Eating this redefined my idea of what ham can, and should be. So soft and translucent it nearly melted on your tongue, releasing an explosion of the most intense ham flavour I have ever experienced. There are many chefs that work with Iberico ham, but to taste it in its raw(somewhat) form, was an absolute treat. 3 forms of the Iberico ham is served on the tasting platter, each from a different part of the leg. Superb

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