Absinthe, Singapore

I attended an 8-week cooking course at Palate Sensations, and the instructor for my course was Francois Mermilliod, head chef of Absinthe restaurant in Singapore. At the end of my course, he organised a special tasting dinner for all his students.

Tatare of Hokkaido Scallops
Wakame, citrus and seaweed tuile

Its hard to go wrong with a scallop tartare imo, but it wasnt spectacular. Okay

Grilled Baby octopus, mesclun & avocado
Balsamic Vinegar

Octopus was unpleasantly chewy, Salad was okay, the entire chive should not have been on the salad. Bad

Grilled Mulloway filet, Green Lentils
Ragout and Iberico Ham

Mulloway was overcooked, lentils were good but overpowered everything, including the iberico jamon, even if that sounds very implausible. Bad

Crispy Kurobuta Pork Belly with
pickled daikon and star aniseed jus

Theres something about pork belly and star anis, they just go well together. It was as delicious as it sounds, best dish of the night. Pork belly perfectly, cooked, crisp skin while the fatty belly melted in your mouth, sinfully delicious. Good

Loin of Wild Deer with Mushroom stuffing, baby vgetables and bitter chocolate sauce

This seemed to be the most interesting dish on paper to me, I love it when chocolate is used in a savoury dish, but it turned out to be disappointing. Deer was nicely cooked, but there was barely any trace of chocolate in the sauce. Okay

Warm pear clafoutis
White chocolate sorbet

Again, white chocolate sorbet sounded like it would blow my brains away,it was very interesting, The consistency of the sorbet was different from most sorbets and ice creams that I’ve had, the white chocolate taste was subtle, and when eaten together with the warm pear, was actually delicious. Good

Kitchen Tour at Absinthe

There were actually many service issues with the meal; there was a course where the entire table had their food, except for one of the diners, and we had to wait quite a while before their dish came. There seemed to be quite a lot of miscommunication between the kitchen and the front of house, but apart from the issues with service, the food was actually pretty good in general. Most of the food was very satisfying, and well seasoned. Chef Francois is very passionate about his food,  and Im glad that he is finally getting the recognition I feel he deserves.

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