Gunther’s, Singapore

Steamed green asparagus, sauce Hollandaise

Only tried a little, dish had good flavours and was nicely seasoned, but I felt the asparagus was cooked a little too long and didnt have enough bite. Okay

Consommé, ravioli of foie gras

Consomme was tasteless, foie ravioli was very bad, the texture and flavour of the foie was lost in the ravioli, and the combination the two just didn’t together. Bad

Egg sunny side up, roasted Portabello mushrooms

Mushroom was nicely roasted, had good flavour and bite, egg was a tad overdone for my liking- the white was slightly too rubbery. Okay

Gunther’s creation: Lamb Stew

Easily the best dish of the meal. Lamb stew was excellent, lamb falling-off-the-metaphorical-bone-tender but the lamb-y taste was not lost in the rich sauce. Pureed potatos added a nice balance to the rich stew, and this was a dish where a stark contrast of textures wasn’t necessary, the stew and the fine potato purée just worked well together. Very good

Warm angel hair pasta, tiger prawns

Prawns were fresh and had good flavour, no issues with the pasta either, but I wish the sauce had been slightly thicker because I had a hard time trying to coat the pasta in sauce, which is something that irks me. Good

Braised Bone Marrow, Toast, Sauce Bordelaise

Toast could have been sliced a little bit thicker. Bordelaise sauce was nice, but there could have been a little more on the plate. Marrow was nicely cooked; there was salt, pepper and chives on the side of the plate, but Im usually lazy during lunch, and I dont particularly like seasoning my own food. Okay

Mango Sorbet

Very intensely flavoured, to the point where it was a little on the heavy side for a sorbet; I loved this for its simplicity, its not very imaginative to turn a mango into a mango sorbet, but when you have fresh, high quality ingredients, they don’t need to be messed around with too much; if you use good mangoes, you’re going to get a good sorbet. Let the ingredients speak for themselves. Good


Petit Fours

What a depressing looking plate of food

2 were okay, 1 was good, 1 was bad

I had heard a lot of good things about Gunther’s prior to this meal, and I had high expectations coming into the meal. I wasn’t disappointed, the quality of food served at Gunther’s, is very high; strong flavours are present in almost every dish, but they work well together and never clash. It’s nice to see a restaurant that thinks actually takes the effort to think about the dishes they serve, how each flavour component will amalgamate with one another, the textures present in each dish, how the dish looks to the diner. Service got a little bit sluggish, and we had to wait a little too long between each dish being served, but I will definitely return to Gunther’s for their dinner tasting menu soon.

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