Iggy’s, Singapore

45th in the world

I was very excited when I found out that Singapore had a restaurant in the top 50 best restaurants list. There is a lot of good food in Singapore, and there are many exciting new restaurants that are making the culinary world sit up and take notice, I do think Michelin will have to come in over the next few years. With all these in mind, Iggy’s was right at the top of my list, after returning to Singapore.

Amuse bouche of I can’t remember what.

Salmon biscuit hors d’oeuvres

Lovely presentation for the 2nd amuse. Salmon was very fresh and the biscuit has a pleasantly crumbly texture that went very with the salmon, creme fraiche added a nice tinge of acid to the dish. Good

Vegatable Garden

Asparagus, beetroot carrot, mustard

This dish didnt work on paper, but taste wise, the components all came together, a lot of earthy tones in the dish, but no single flavour profile seemed to pop, or stand out, everything was somewhat muddled in the background. Okay


Wild Rice, Olive, Thyme

The best dish of the night. The fish was perfectly cooked, nicely grilled to the point where it had a sufficient hint of smoky flavour, while still being moist. Flavours were subtle and clean. Good


Zucchini, smoked mullet roe

These were flavours that I like, I love roe incorporated into pasta, but the smoked mullet roe was the main “savoury” component of the dish, and it did not have a strong enough flavour to season the dish and bring it to life, overall this mad the dish taste very underseasoned and was on the borderline of being bland, Bad

Oats, gizzard, Fennel
Once again, another underseasoned dish, meat was slightly overcooked as well. Bad

Tomato And Tomato Soda

The tomato slice didnt do much for me, I appreciate that its a very fresh, juicy, and sweet tomato, served a thte right temperature, but Im just not that big a tomato person. The tomato soda(Tomato Water + Soda Siphon?), on the other hand, was interesting. The soda element seemed to cut the saltiness of the tomato and there was actually a slight tinge of sweetness on the tongue after drinking the soda. Refreshing and quirky. Okay


Lady’s fingers, trumpet mushroom, tapenade

A nicely cooked piece of wagyu beef, completely undone by a lack of seasoning, once again. The vegetables and beef was nicely cooked, but you kept on eating, waititng for the dish to come to life, but it never did. Okay


Gin, Lime

I remember nothing about this dish


coconut, basil, milk, pandan

I cant remember too much about this either. I remember being impressed with the taste of the dish, but wishing that there was more depth, texture wise. Okay

Petit fours(one?)

Lemon, banana, pop rocks

Surpringly, the meal ended with fairly strong flavours. Very interesting texture when you bite into into pastry and a mixture and banana and lemon flavour explodes on your tongue, and before you even realised what has happened, you realise that there are pop rocks going off in your mouth, ahh, the nostalgia. Good

I had really high hopes for Iggy’s, and I really wanted to like it, but the meal was generally quite pedestrian; there were issues with seasoning for some dishes, but most of it was nicely cooked. The main issue was that none of flavours really popped, no dish really wow-ed me or made me sit up and take notice, the entire meal seemed to be a monotone. I’m sure I will return to iggy’s in the future, and I hope the dishes will be more exciting, Its nice to see a restaurant take risks with their menu, try to be innovative and do something special, it doesn’t always work out, but thats what it takes for a restaurant to become great.

2 thoughts on “Iggy’s, Singapore

  1. Have to agree Iggy’s was really very underwhelming for a restaurant of its stature. I went recently in May when they were crowned 26th Best restaurant in the world. While the food didn’t really live up to all the hype and everything, you probably got to give them credit for their marketing and PR i guess? Its really a pity, cause there are so many others who are doing a hell of a job better than Iggys and sometimes being the so called ” very best” they don’t try hard enough. Even Les Amis, which is bloody expensive, is still impressive after all these years.

    1. Iggys was disappointing, very uninspired, almost boring food. I could not figure out why the restaurant was(and still is) so highly rated, especially after taking the number one spot on the Miele guide for so long. I recently read that Iggys might just have its stature because Ignatius has quite a lot of influence as a businessman, I wouldn’t write that possibility off

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