OTTO, Singapore

Grilled Mushroom with Polenta

Amuse Bouche, I liked the choice of polenta as the canvas for the dish, but the mushroom lacked enough flavour to bring the amuse to life. Bad

Grilled “Tomino” cheese with sauteed porcini mushroom and “Pio Tosini” Parma Ham

A generous topping of Parma ham, a layer of mushrooms, a slab of cheese grilled to absolute perfection. An explosion of strong flavours that balance and compliment each other well. Salty, creamy, unctuous, earthy, delicious. Superb

“Spaghetti” with sea urchin and grey mullet bottarga.

Plate was completely dry, all the sauce was on the pasta when it arrived, clearly a restaurant that knows how to do a pasta. It was a good dish that could have done with a little more oil, and dare I say it, a smaller serving. But the flavours were on point. Good

USDA prime beef rib eye with sauteed potatoes and Barolo wine reduction.

Beef was nicely cooked but under seasoned, wine reduction was tasty but there wasn’t enough on the plate for three slabs of beef. Okay

Warm chocolate cake with Haitian Vanilla ice cream

It takes a lot for me to dislike a molten chocolate cake. I wound’t normally order it, but I generally like them. This, however, was bad. The cake lacked contrast in texture between the cake and the liquid center. It was hard to tell what you were eating after a while, mixing it in with the quickly melting vanilla ice cream only made it worse. Bad

The menu we had was part of the Restaurant week, Singapore. I walked into OTTO not knowing what to expect, I had heard good things about Garibaldi, and I was disappointed that it was one of the restaurants on the restaurant week list, I jumped on the chance to have dinner at OTTO as a ‘compromise’. And I’m glad I did. The starter Parma ham and grilled is probably the best dish I’ve had in Singapore so far. I will definitely be returning to try more dishes at OTTO, but is it wrong that I already know what starter I’m going to ask for?

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