The White Rabbit, Singapore

Roasted root winter vegetables serverd with poached egg and truffle vinaigrette

Vegetables were nicely roasted, and well seasoned. The egg however, was completely overcooked and even the thinnest sliver of a truffle failed to save the dish. Bad

Chestnut and sweet onion soup served with trompette mushrooms and gruyere croutons

This dish looks like death, just looking at it now makes me depressed.I’ve personally never had chestnuts in french onion soup, and found it to be a weird combination of textures and flavours, but after 3-4 more scoops, I started to warm up to it and it slowly began to work for me. The subtle sweetness of the chestnut went really well with the french onion soup. Okay (And that isnt a couton)

Grilled vegetable pasta sauteed with garlic and flambeed with vodka

Mediocre, boring, unimaginative. Bad

Chestnut stuffed farm chicken served with carrot puree, cabbage, bacon and thyme jus.

My favourite dish of the meal, chicken was very very nicely cooked(Sous vide?), puree was delicious. My sister mentioned that the first component of the dish she ate was the cabbage with bacon bits, and that overpowered everything on the plate. I felt that the dish worked when everything was eaten together though, and since Im the one writing this, Very good

Profiteroles with ice cream and chocolate sauce

The whole dish was overwhelmingly sweet, they had used a good quality chocolate, but should have gone with a darker option. Bad

White chocolate an coconut panna cotta served with a salad of pineapples and mangoes

Panna Cotta was a lot more heavy than I thought it would be. Some of the pineapple cubes were cut too close to the rind and were very tough to chew. Okay

The menu we had was actually part of Restaurant Week. Singapore, and its tough to judge a restaurant based on a menu that isn’t representative of their “signature” dishes, but all the dishes were incredibly unimaginative apart from the chicken, and the meal was disappointing.

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