Wild Rocket, Singapore

Tempura Chilli Crab

This is such a good idea, that could have been executed a little better. The tempura batter was a little too soggy when it arrived and wasn’t as crisp as I would have liked. There were no issues with the chilli sauce, however, it was slightly thicker than the regular sauce used in chilli crab, which is good because thats what the dish called for. Okay

Kueh Pi tee

I don’t remember much about this, but it had a lot of mushrooms, and a dollop of creme fraiche (I think), interesting. Okay

Crab Salad

The crab used was very sweet, but there was a severe lack of acid in the salad, and it tasted somewhat bland. Bad

Consomme with Fish

Fish was very nicely cooked, melt in your mouth tender, but consomme was tasteless. Okay

Salmon Carpaccio

I loved this dish in concept, I loved the idea of breaking an egg over the salmon, but this dish was so severely underseasoned, that we were rationing the few tiny spheres of caviar to spread among the dish, because they were the only component of the dish that actually brought a salty component to your palate. Bad

Paste with shrimp

I dont remember much about this dish either, but I found it pretty dry. Okay


Very meaty and satisfying, full of umami and very well seasoned, plus I was very grateful that there wasn’t too much sauce on the plate. Good

Grilled fish with chye poh

Once again, a perfectly cooked fish, had a nice color on the outside, but had a moist interior. I loved that chye poh was used to flavour the dish, it balanced out the delicate flavours of the dish brilliantly. Good

Fish with curry sauce

I’m not going to pretend like I remember what this dish tasted like.

Lightly grilled wagyu

This was actually perfectly cooked in my opinion,  simply seasoned with a little salt and pepper. Good

Molten Chocolate cake

Wasn’t anything to shout about, but that is a gigantic scoop of ice cream.

Coffee + Condensed milk Tart with ice cream

This isn’t a combination that was new to me, it had all the familiar nuances, but it was presented in a new form. The coffee had a pretty strong kick, and the condensed milk kept the sweetness of the dish subtle and never overpowering. Very Good

I have to say, first and foremost, that I have a lot of respect for Willin Low, the head chef at Wild Rocket. In fact, I have a lot of respect for any self taught chef that runs a restaurant. When chefs go through formal culinary training, they are often told that there are certain rules that cannot be broken, then there are those who go out and break those rules; the thing is, self taught chefs are often unaware that these rules exist to begin with, this makes them think outside the box. From the meal I had at Wild Rocket, I was happy that the dishes were familiar, yet new to me as the same time; the word ‘fusion’ has a very bad rep in many peoples minds, mainly because so many people do it badly. There are problems with execution for some of the dishes served at Wild Rocket, but the ideas behind the dishes are flawless. I do believe that there is an avenue for high end Singaporean cuisine, and Wild Rocket looks to be moving in that direction, for very reasonable prices. Wild Rocket is definitely worth trying out if you’re looking for something fresh, with a touch of Singaporean flair.

2 thoughts on “Wild Rocket, Singapore

  1. Ate here last night. Got the impression that many dishes had been prepared earlier and then warmed up for service. Chef may be trying to walk before he can run. We can all admire effort but at the end of the day people are paying. This was classic amateur at the controls, not unpleasant but lacking in required standards. And the actual wild rocket served was tired and past its sell by date

    1. I agree with you, I don’t think I had as bad an experience with you from the sound of your expired rocket, but I was definitely not impressed despite the hype. It was a restaurant with great concept that wasn’t terribly well executed, that being said, I really wanted to like it

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