Sweets and treats

Oriol Balaguer is one of the most celebrated pastry chefs in Spain. The amount of awards he has won is astounding. This was my sister’s number one priority when we were in Barcelona, she is goes apeshit for good macarons.

Sadaharu Aoki, bought from Japan

Nutella French Toast, LA

The perfect Egg Tart, so deceptively simple. A light, flaky pastry crumbles in your mouth to let the egg custard, so soft and delicate it melts on your tongue.

I have never met anyone who has tried Churros and doesn’t love it. They do it better in Spain though, dipped in a hot chocolate, thats slightly thicker than what you would normally associate with regular hot chocolate, but thin enough that you can drink it on its own. I could have this everyday for tea and die blissfully.

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