Just finished 2 days of Ferran Adria talks, it’s amazing to listen to this guy speak because he is so passionate about what he does, but he does tend to ramble on and digress. To continue running a restaurant comprising of a team of 70(chefs + front of house), serving 35 dishes to 50 diners, and working close to 15 hour shifts when they’re open, on top of all this, the restaurant doesn’t make any profit, is truly incredible. More importantly though, he talked about what he plans to do with El Bulli after 2014. He said it wouldn’t be a restaurant, and it wouldn’t be a Taller(Workshop), it will be a think tank for creativity; the truth is, it doesn’t sound like he knows what exactly its going to be yet and I guess eventually, it will take 2012-2014 before he finalizes what he wants to do with the place. From my point of view, it seems like its going to be a chefs resource where they are going to focus mainly on creating avant garde techniques, not dishes, but techniques to bring gastronomy to the next level; which basically means that it’s going to get even harder to get a whiff of Adria’s cuisine. Moreover, there are many, many talented chefs in the El Bulli team, for example.  Oriol Castro can leave El Bulli to set up his own restaurant, and I’m sure he’ll have at least a Michelin star within his first year. I’m not sure who among the current staff is going to stick with Ferran Adria, considering that he mentioned he has been having trouble explaining his idea to his own team. The one thing I can be sure of is- I’m glad I managed to eat there before god knows what will happen come 2014.

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