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Toys and Momo

Toys from Sia Huat (Excluding the Book)

Whipping Cream Siphon, Tamis, Chinois, Potato Ricer, Slider Spatula thing(No Idea what this is called)

I love Sia Huat, three stories of pots, pans, knives, and equipment you’ll probably never use and can’t afford but you want so bad in your kitchen. Service is more often that not, excellent, if you can get a hold of one of the sales assistants amongst the crowd. I remember the feeling I used to get as a kid when I entered a huge toy store like Toys R Us, that feeling of wild anticipation and wonder, the land where everything, even the most seemingly mundane objects, are transformed into the most fascinating things I had ever seen. Its kind of disturbing that walking into a kitchen supplies store does the same thing for me as an adult.

Holy Grail: Immersion Circulator

This is my commitment-Time and (a lot of) money to Sous Vide cooking. Immersion Circulator, bless me with delicious meals and the proper temperatures to kill salmonella.

On a side note, I just want to talk about the Momofuku cookbook I just got, I own several cookbooks, and I always get something out of them even if I never actually follow any of the recipes. A day in El Bulli for the passion and dedication Ferran Adria and his amazing team have for cooking, The Fat Duck Cookbook, for an insight into Heston Blumenthal’s creative brilliance, and not to mention The Fat Duck is the number 1 restaurant I want to have a meal at(if you can call what you have at the fat duck a meal) right now. On the Line, Le Bernardins cookbook, for Eric Ripert’s search to perfect every component of every dish he plates. Under Pressure, for an excellent database for temperatures and times for Sous Vide cooking(I’ve been cooking with a PID controller attached to a rice cooker), but the Momofuku book seems to talk straight to my soul. The dedication the man has to a single dish-Ramen, is astounding. And I kinda feel bad because I wasn’t too impressed with his ramen when I visited his noodle bar, it really puts into perspective how we can bastardize a dish, a chef, a restaurant, by trying to summarise what we taste and think about a dish in a few lines; when it is so much more than that, it is a collective effort of time, thought, dedication, failures and triumphs, hard work, and overcoming insurmountable obstacles, none of which we will be able to come close to fathoming or to comprehend, from simply tasting the end product of a journey.

“And when I was fending for myself as a teenager and, later, in college, there was only one answer to hunger if I didn’t have the time or money to go out for some fried chicken: Sapporo Ichiban Original Flavor instant ramen, the kind that comes in the red packet. That was what I ate, sometimes to the exclusion of almost everything else, untill I got into Nong Shim’s Gourmet Spicy Shin Bowl noodle soup, which comes in a styrofoam bowl, a la Cup Noodles, making it that much easier to prepare.” David Chang you are a Momofukin badass (couldnt resist)

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    1. It was around $700-800SGD, can’t quite remember the full amount, it was in euros. Another cheaper alternative is to get a PID control and attach it to a rice cooker, google sous vide magic, it should cost around $200SGD

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