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Home Cooked: Bacon and Chocolate Popcorn

Theres not much more to say about Chocolate and bacon that hasn’t already been said about chocolate and bacon. Two of the most delicious foods that seem to somehow make most, if not all things better; and there is not reason why they shouldn’t go together either. I constantly get weird ideas like these and I’m all too happy to be my own guinea pig, although to be fair, this was actually one of the more edible ideas.


Render bacon fat, reserve crispy bacon, and chop till fine

– Heat a layer of bacon fat in a skillet with 2-3 popcorn kernels on medium-high heat, when the kernels pop, remove from heat, throw in a handful of kernels, then cover. Leave for 20-30 seconds

– Place the skillet back on heat, when the kernels begin popping(it will happen all at once), begin agitating the pan to ensure that the unpopped kernels remain at the bottom of the pan, as well as to coat the popcorn in bacon fat. Repeat for about 3-4 minutes

– Melt chocolate either using a bain-marie or using the seeding technique in a microwave, then mix in bacon bits.

– Drizzle over popcorn and toss it with your hands, kind of like a salad, but infinitely more delicious

How much bacon you mix into your chocolate depends entirely on what you enjoy. I prefer a little more bacon, so that you bite into tiny nuggets after the sweetness of the chocolate subsides, flooding your taste buds with a sudden transition in flavour, from sweet to savoury. The bacon element in the chocolate is akin to adding a little salt to your chocolate, it sounds like a great paradox, but the addition of a little salt elevates the chocolate and brings out its  sweetness.

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