Spruce part deux, Singapore

I’ve never done a second review on the same restaurant before before, but my recent experience at spruce definitely warrants a writeup, I’ve spoken fairly well of Spruce since my first visit, honestly saying that the food isn’t stellar, but worth a try for those who have never been, so I ended up bringing my sister for brunch recently, and had a very different experience compared to the first time I was there.


I started off with  a mojito, what better way to start the day than with alcohol. It was actually really good. There was a good burst of mint after the citrus notes had died off, and it wasnt overpowered by sugar/sweetness, plus it was fizzy(soda canister?), which was a really nice touch. Good

Spruce Eggs Benny and Crab Cake Eggs Benny (Bad photos, I know, but to be fair, they were bad dishes)

I had the Spruce Eggs Benny and my sister had the Crab Cakes Eggs Benny (which I thought was not too shabby the last time I was at here). My spruce Benny came with a corn waffle, which definitely needed to be more crisp on the outside. One of the two eggs one my plate was over cooked, and the other was perfectly cooked. The real problem was the hollandaise sauce. It was under seasoned, well actually, that’s an understatement, there was barely any seasoning in it at all. The hollandaise on my sisters plate was just as bland, but it did have a noticeable extra kick of lemon juice in it.

Let me make this clear, if a dish is palatable but doesn’t taste good, I’ll eat it and accept the fact that it just isn’t a good dish, and I can count the number of times I’ve sent dishes back in my life on one hand, but we unanimously agreed that we weren’t insane, and that in fact there was a serious problem with the dish. So back the dishes went, and a minute later, the maitre d’ came back with two menus, explaining that there was nothing wrong with the hollandaise, and maybe we would perhaps like to order something else. But we came here for the benedicts, so out came the chef, explaining indifferently that there was nothing wrong with the hollandaise, the recipe had not been changed since the last time I was at Spruce(this can’t be true, the hollandaise was much richer and well seasoned to the point of being overpowering previously), and the hollandaise on both dishes were from the same batch, so the extra kick of lemon must have been a figment of our imagination. No solution was offered until we suggested that maybe he could add a little extra lemon juice and vinegar in our hollandaise, to which he agreed. And back it came, it was better, but still very bland. Although, to give credit where credit is due, the crab cake was still delicious. Overall, this was probably the most disappointing brunch and eggs benedict experience I’ve had to date. Very bad

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