Sque, Singapore

Sque is kind of a new kid on the block, it took over Sun with Moon’s spot in The Central mall, overlooking the river.  A lot of emphasis is placed on its beer, so it has a sort of high end, mildly pretentious pub grub feel to it, so come here expecting a lot of roasted meat and alcohol. The indoor seats are absolutely terrible(The really tall kind that leaves your legs dangling off the floor), and the food is honestly not that great. Disclosure: I cant find the menu online so Im going to make up the names for the dishes.

Fruit Beer

Yes, we actually did order beer like normal human beings would. But the “Beer sommelier”  kept talking about this fruit beer that we found really intriguing. We ordered two bottles, only to discover that it was basically fruit soda with added alcohol in it. Okay

Sque appetizer platter

Roasted Chicken, Fried Artichoke, Roasted potato skins, and Potato Croquettes. The portion of this serving platter was incredibly confusing. How were were supposed to split 1 Artichoke head (Okay this could be peeled), 2 croquettes, 3 Potato skins, and one piece of chicken? Overall, nothing really stood out, the potato skins were pretty decent, and the chicken was nicely cooked. Okay

Bone Marrow Salad

It was basically bone marrow mixed with parsley and  mushroom. They could have done a lot more with this but this was very disappointing. Bland, and the flavour of the bone marrow didnt come through the dish at all. Bad

Sque meat platter

Roasted Ribs, lamb, chicken. The ribs were terribly overcooked and dry, so was the chicken. The lamb was, on the other hand, well cooked and juicy. Again, for a sharing platter, it wasn’t very easy to share the plate of food. Okay

Braised beef cheek with pasta

One of the worst dishes of the night. The cheek was actually nicely cooked, but the whole dish was severely lacking in any kind of seasoning. To make things worse, the pasta to meat ratio was completely off, and by the time you were done with the meat, there was still a huge serving of pasta left with a sauce so thin and flavourless that it was difficult to finish. Bad

Steak and Bearnaise Sauce

This was my favourite entree of the night. It could’ve done with a little more seasoning, but the steak was very nicely cooked, and the heavy Bearnaise didn’t overpower the beef, it was a very nice symphony between the two. Good

Clams with pasta

Much much better than the previous pasta dish, there was a good amount of fresh clams and a lot more diced vegetables that lent its  flavour to the pasta. Okay

Chocolate-Beer pie

Surprise surprise, Sque actually put out a nice dessert. Simply executed, with some cherries and poached pear to cut the richness of the chocolate. Whatever beer that was present in the dish was completely lost on me though. Okay

I was very surprised to find out that Sque was opened by Emmanuel Stroobant, the food portions here are fairly small for bar food, and for an ‘upmarket’ concept like Sque, the quality of food was severely lacking for a chef of his stature. To be fair, we visited the place 2 weeks after its opening, and not every restaurant opens and hits the ground running immediately; but there are serious issues to be ironed out. We ordered 3 dishes with chicken in them(1 not pictured), 1 of the dishes was perfectly cooked, the other 2 were tough, overcooked, and dry.

The menu is full of landmines, many dishes are not worth ordering at all, while others are actually very decent. Their roasted baby potatoes, however, are to die for. Beautifully crisp and crusted on the outside, soft, fluffy, and perfectly seasoned on the inside. So, find out which dishes are worth ordering before heading over to Sque to prevent a disappointing meal.

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