Czech Republic

Grand Cafe Orient, Czech Republic

Located in the house of the Black Madonna, this cafe is Prague’s only Cubist cafe, and some items around the cafe are inspired by Cubist architecture, like the lampshades and coat-hooks.


Toasted baguette w Parma ham, mozzarella, basil pesto

The parma ham was way too intense and overpowered everything, including the pesto, looking at the picture, it seems a little strange because there doesn’t seem to be a lot of ham. Bad

Pancake w spinach, ham, cheeses, fried bacon

Again, a little on the salty side, but nowhere near as bad as the baguette.  The spinach lacked enough flavour to bring balance to the saltiness from the ham, cheese, and the bacon. Okay



Pancake with chicken, mushroom sauce, parmesan cheese

This was my favourite savoury course. Flavours were subtle but pronounced enough to discern on your tongue, mushroom sauce had a nice creamy consistency, not a particularly inspired combination of flavours, but it all came together very nicely. Pancake was nicely cooked and wasn’t ruined by a dough that was too thick. Okay


Kubsticky Venecek, traditional little Czech cake

Looks a lot like a doughnut, but it was more similar to an eclair: Same choux pastry, with a custard filling, but glazed w sugar over the top like a doughnut. Deceptively light and not too sweet. Okay



Grand cafe orient, light chocolate cream cake with a touch of mint

Almost every component of the cake was infused with mint, even the chocolate ‘twirl’. The cake was moist, the cream was fluffy and disappeared on the tongue. Overall a really light and easy to eat cake, with strong flavours. Good


Overall, everyone seemed to enjoy the breakfast, the savoury dishes were nowhere near as good as their sweet counterparts, but the coffee was good, and its always nice to have a meal in a place that means something to the city you are visiting.

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