Czech Republic

Papas Living Restaurant, Czech Republic

We now head over to Cesky Krumlov, a quaint, scenic, (touristy) little town about 4 hours away from Prague. We were recommended this restaurant by out trip planner, and to our surprise it was a restaurant that served Italian food. Having avoided Italian food throughout our time in Prague, despite pizzas being the seemingly most common food on the street, we approached the restaurant with a touch of incredulity and suspicion. Apologies for the white balance of the photos, the lighting in the restaurant was very dim, clearly electricity is a precious resource in the town.


Champignon mushrooms filled w spinach, served on garlic baguette, gratinated w goats cheese

A fresh, nice, light starter. Main complaint is that the ratio of mushrooms to bread was a little off(too much bread) but the flavors came together nicely. Okay

Pork ribs marinated w spices, pork ribs marinated w garlic w BBQ and cheese sauce

The cheese sauce was not as strong as I thought it would be, it fact it was almost like a tasteless mayonnaise. Pork was falling off the bone but I found the meat a little dry (In case anyone is wondering, Im referring to juiciness vs tenderness), it also lacked enough meat on the bone to make it satisfying. Bad



Homemade spaghetti w sumo sauce w Parma ham and rucola

Homemade spaghetti w pancetta, mascarpone and olive oil

Homemade spaghetti w cream spinach, champigonons, garlic and olive oil

Homemade tagliatelle w mushroom cream, onions, parmesan cheese

Im a little too lazy to sort out the pastas, but in truth they were all very good, the sauces were well balanced with the exception of the  one with sumo sauce, which was too salty. Be warned that it is quite a substantial amount of pasta, but at least the pasta is delicious and cooked al dente. The homemade pastas, which were rougher in texture than dried pasta, held onto the sauce nicely as well. Good



Tiramisu w ice cream

One of the better Tiramisu’s Ive had. The ice cream layers were not too thick, which meant that you could still discern the different layers of cake. It lacked a little alcohol but it tasted very nice. Good



Panna Cotta with berry compote

This is supposed to be one of their better dishes, but I preferred the tiramisu over this. The panna cotta was soft and carried the taste of milk well, but the compote was a little too tart to be eaten together with the panna cotta. Okay


We were pleasantly surprised with the food at Papas. The pastas are pretty substantial and taste great. One of the owners of the restaurant(his face was on the menu) was walking around making sure everyone was enjoying the food, a sign of a restaurant that prides itself in the food that it puts out. Papas was one of the highlights of our trip to Cesky and is definitely worth a visit if you are in the area

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