Czech Republic

Restauant Brasserie Konirna, Czech Republic

I knew very little about the restaurant other than the fact that they specialize in tripe, that alone was enough to get me excited about eating here. Only a short walking away from the John Lennon wall and the Charles bridge, we arrived at about 4, right when the sun was starting to set. The waiters seemed a little surprised that we were dining at such a strange timing, but we looked hungry enough that they seated us without and hesitation or question.


Mixed autumn greens with spiced slices of saddle of wild boar, honey-ginger dressing, marinated onions, pears and crushed almonds

The dressing was delicious, it had a nice acidity that was balanced by the overall sweetness of the dish, but that being said, the salad on the whole was a little too sweet for my liking- The boar wasn’t seasoned well enough to counteract the sweetness. However, pears did pair very well with the honey ginger dressing(Tongue twister?). Okay



Roasted medallions of wild boar saddle w sautéed Brussels sprouts and tyrdean bacon, Grenaille potatoes, wild game sauce w wild spices and juniper berries

Same meat as the salad, boar had a beef tenderloin consistency but lacked the punchy game-y taste to hold it’s own, needed more sauce. The meat was surprisingly nicely cooked, and didnt have a very large temperature gradient from the edge to the center. Okay



Homemade oxtail bouillon w liver dumplings, noodles and vegetables

The soup was surprisingly not as rich as I thought it would be even though oxtail has lots of collagen, which should’ve meant a good amount of gelatin in the soup, to make matters worse, it was overpowered by the presence of the liver dumplings which did not smell good at all. Very Bad



Fried tripe strips in potato mayonnaise w paprika oil

The paprika oil perfumed the tripe beautifully, unfortunately the taste of the tripe and its chewy texture got lost in the batter(Tripe cut too thin with batter too thick?. Mash potatoes were laden with butter and mayo, which made them very yummy for a first few mouthfuls before you realised how heavy they were. Okay



Chefs speciality- tripe cooked with herbs and sweet pepper

Dish was rich, thick and meaty, but the sweetness of the pepper seemed to balance out that meaty-ness quite nicely. The best tripe dish of the meal. Good


Tripe with mushrooms and liver dumplings

I actually thought that I would enjoy this more than the previous tripe dish, overall it had the same rich, thick consistency, but had a lot more umami with the taste of the shining though and masking the taste of the liver dumplings well, but the dish lacked the balance of the peppers and the meaty tones of the dish became overpowering very quickly. Okay

Modern roast pork w dumplings and cabbage sous vide- 250g central Bohemian piglet rump cooked in a vacuum and smoked pork brisket, potato dumplings, red cabbage w apple and star anise. 

I was very surprised to see meat cooked sous vide in a rustic restaurant like this, it goes to show the impact sous vide has had on the restaurant business, and I think now more than ever, the use of Sous Vide is starting to take over restaurants. Despite all this, the meat was disappointing, not a fantastic texture that some sous vide enthusiasts claim and rave about. Brisket was the best part of the dish and worked well with the acidity of the red cabbage. Okay

Pike perch from Trebon baked in garlic and thyme served with creamy spinach, mild potato puree and nutty butter.  

Fish was a little overcooked and not very moist, but the flavours worked well together and it was the most well put together plate of food we had in Prague. Okay

Potato puffs stuffed with poppy seeds in a plum sauce

 The potato puffs sounded a lot more interesting on the menu, but it was pretty disappointing. The puffs were actually quite far from being ‘puffs’, they were actually more dumpling-like, and were incredibly dense(ironic since puffs seem to give the impression or air-y ness and lightness), and the plum sauce was very rich, which made for a heavy  but not particularly enjoyable dish. Bad

Curd cheese dumplings stuffed with nougat served with cinnamon cream

The nougat was actually more of a chocolate sauce. Cheese didn’t have a very strong pungency, and had a dough-like texture that lent itself well to the frying that it went though. Nice contrast in the crisp exterior and melted sauce, the combination of chocolate,sour cream and cinnamon also worked well together. Good

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