Czech Republic

La Nouzi, Czech Republic

We were drawn to La Nouzi based on the recommendation that they specialize in game, we first tried walking in during dinnertime and were quickly chased out by a less than happy old man, with the words “no reservation, no dinner” ringing in our ears. Refusing to give up, we returned a day later during lunchtime and spotted empty tables, surely he couldn’t refuse us now. We were quickly seated inside and served by the same man, looking a lot less menacing but still as grumpy.

Goose soup

The soup carried the game-y flavour of the goose well, hearty, well seasoned. Good



Roast pork knee, potato dumplings, cabbage

This was one of the leaner pork knees that we had, the meat was nice and soft, but the dumplings and pickled cabbage fell flat. Okay



Fried Roquefort

When we set out to Prague, finding fried cheese was one of my sister’s top priorities, she had seen it on Bourdain’s No Reservations show and had to have it. We eventually tried one at a street store, in the form of a burger, but the cheese used was edam, which didn’t have a very strong taste at all, although it melted very nicely. This version uses fried blue cheese, and was overall a better experience compared to the Edam. It had a nice sharpness and acidity, but lacked it lacked the unctuousness of a melted cheese. Okay



Trout of our grandma style. Potatoes, butter, lemon garnish

I believe this was a freshwater fish, but did not carry any muddy or murky smell that freshwater fish are sometimes associated with. It was crisp on the outside after being fried, but unfortunately the meat was a little too dry. Okay



Carp with fried garlic

Again, the fish here was overfried, but because it was much cut into thin slices, there was little to protect the meat from drying out even more. The garlic was also not cooked through and carried an unpleasant pungency that didn’t sit well on the tongue. Bad



Beef with camembert and blueberries

This was one of the more interesting dishes we had in Cesky, I found the combination of the beef, cheese, and blueberries to be quite interesting and pleasant, the melted camembert didn’t overpower the beef, but unfortunately, the blueberry compote did. There is definitely something about this dish that is worth working on.



Fruit cake: poached pear slices on cake

I was not expecting much because this was called “Fruit cake” on the menu, but it was more of a pear crumble, the crumble base was very moist, and the poached pear was not overcooked, which gave it a nice bite. Good



Blueberry dumpling:

My dad decided to order this despite violent objections from my sisters, our overall experience with dumplings was not a good one, but this was one of the more palatable ones. The dumpling was of course, very dough-y and heavy, but the blueberry compote(probably the same one used for the beef dish) carried a strong enough flavour to match up to it and keep it moist while eating. Okay



For all the anticipation building up to having a meal at La Nouzi, I think we were disappointed with the food overall. Papa’s Living Restaurant was a much better experience, both food and service wise.

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