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Home cooked: Hestons flowerpot Tiramisu

Get the recipe here: http://www.channel4.com/4food/recipes/chefs/heston-blumenthal/tiramisu-recipe

Modifications made: I added another soaked finger layer, plus I soaked the fingers in baileys insted of Marsala. I also included baileys ‘worms’, which are basically grated baileys jelly. I replaced the grapenuts with cornflakes because I couldn’t find grapenuts in Singapore, on hindsight, I should’ve used a darker coloured cereal.

Pros: The cream portion is delicious, very light and aerated, which is why the recipe calls for gelatin. The soil is probably my favorite portion of the tiramisu, and the crunch you get from the soil makes for an interesting contrast with the cream.

Cons: The cream does go a little soft and flat if it has been out of the fridge for a while, possibly more so because of the weather in Singapore. The cream is a little sweet as well.

Thoughts and tips: It’s important to stir very vigorously while you add the chocolate to the melted sugar, otherwise it will crystallize into large lumps. That being said, watching a sugar syrup crystallize into a chocolate soil has got to be one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever seen. My friend over at La Petite Vancouver mentioned that he had success using kahlua instead of Marsala in the cream, that might be a a substitute worth trying as well. The chocolate soil keeps in the freezer and can be made beforehand to save time. It is finished with the hazelnut oil to give it a ‘wet’ look. Overall, it is visually stunning and a fun dessert to have, although it is a little time consuming for a tiramisu, it is well worth the effort.

6 thoughts on “Home cooked: Hestons flowerpot Tiramisu

  1. Great visual effect! Seems more than just a little time consuming to me 😉
    By using marsala you would get more of an authentic tiramisù flavor, but I suppose that’s not very relevant given that authenticity isn’t really the point here.

    1. I actually found the taste of Marsala to be quite pleasant, but the guy who runs La petite Vancouver said he found the taste to be quite overpowering, it might because not all Marsala wines are created equal

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