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Australian Dairy Company, Hong Kong

This will be my last post before I fly off to Tokyo, I’m taking a little break in between packing. Well, its not so much ‘packing’ as it is doing 3-point jump shots with my clothes across the room  into a luggage. My itinerary for Japan is pretty ridiculous, I only have about 6 days worth of eating before Japan transitions into Golden week, where majority of the restaurants will be closed, therefore I have a pretty tight schedule for those 6 days, lookout for posts on that soon!

I visited ADC twice in January during my short trip to Hong Kong, quite a feat considering we were only there for about 2 full days. ADC is a very unassuming restaurant where you’re more likely to get disservice than service from the waiters- they hurry you into the restaurant and don’t give you much time to read through the menu before hovering over you, ready to take your order. Don’t get me wrong, they aren’t rude, but this is a true blue hustle and bustle kind of place- the constant clinking of plates being put on the table, the steam and noise going on in the kitchen, the loud chatter from the dining room, it’s not a place you would want to sit down and catch up with friends, but its a place that’s undeniably Hong Kongese (real word?).


Macaroni/Spaghetti with ham

We would not have ordered this if it had not come as part of a set. Although having Macaroni soup is (strangely) quite a common breakfast to be had in Hong Kong, this version wasn’t particularly good. Pasta was very overcooked and too generous with the portions, ham was mediocre and as you can see from the photos, stingy with portions(not that we were screaming for more). The spaghetti isn’t served with invisible ham if you were wondering, the ham in that particular set was moved onto the scrambled eggs, so you will get your ham by hook or by crook. The soup tasted synthetic, like it had come out straight out of a can, boiled with some ham, then served. Bad

Scrambled egg with toasted bread

The real star of the show, and the main reason why people line up to eat at ADC, is their scrambled eggs. If you want the technical details, it is cooked with large curds(low-medium temp, stirring once a while?), very different from the traditional french method where the aim is to get as fine a curd as possible. It is incredibly moist when you eat it, although I think part of the reason why it stays so moist is because there is ridiculous amount of butter in it. The seasoning is spot on, and the aroma and taste of the butter hits you with every bite, and it goes incredibly well with the soft, fluffy, lightly toasted bread.

The bottom line is that they are delicious, whether you eat them together with the bread, or you eat them alone. This something I would eat everyday if I learnt that there was an astroid heading towards earth and everyone would die in a month, but given the amount of butter put into it, I might not even last a full month before my arteries give way. Very good

Hot milk tea

This was strong strong tea, a little too strong almost, like someone poured milk into your mouth and you were sucking on a teabag. But for the same reason, drinking this at 7am with a lack of sleep made this work on so many levels. The kind of drink that would fuel nocturnal serial killers who hold a regular day job, maybe like a Hong Kong version of Dexter. Okay

Ginger milk pudding + Milk pudding

We had both of these cold, the ginger had a much stronger taste but a more brittle consistency, it did taste a little ‘cleaner’ on the tongue with not much aftertaste. The milk pudding had a more ‘melt in your mouth’ feel to it, but a very strong egg-y aftertaste. Both didn’t really do anything for me. Okay

I would go back to ADC solely for their scrambled eggs, but the problem with their menu is that the set menu (pasta + eggs + tea) is priced in such a way that it is only slightly more expensive than just ordering the eggs alone, therein lies the conundrum. I don’t like leaving food on the plate if I can help it, but this is one instance where I really have to say that the pasta just isn’t worth your stomach space. Besides, Mak’s noodles is just down the road from ADC, and their wanton noodles are, without a doubt, much better than the macaroni/spaghetti at ADC.

Go to ADC with realistic expectations of service- noone was rude to us, but we were made to share out table with other diners and constantly had to move our chairs for staff that were running to and fro, such is the nature of service at a busy establishment like ADC that aims to turn tables as quickly as possible. But I digress, just remember to order the scrambled eggs, in fact, order 2 portions and forget about the guilt.

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