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Homemade: Seared red snapper

I really don’t cook fish often enough, I find it tougher to cook compared to say, steak, where I can more or less gauge the doneness of the meat by pressing on it. I really wanted to use grapefruit since it ranks highly on the pairing chart, but it is out of season in Singapore. So I went with the one of the first ingredients that popped into my head when I thought of tamarind- Pineapple. This didn’t show up on the pairing chart but I think they work very well together

Seared red snapper, braised leek, caviar and quinoa, diced pineapple, coriander, tamarind and green tea broth


7 thoughts on “Homemade: Seared red snapper

  1. Welcome back! The dish looks great.
    Cooking fish is easier sous-vide, once you figure out the right temperature for each type of fish. 50C/122F is a good starting point and is better than what you can do by panfrying, grilling or baking in most cases.

    1. I think fish skin cooked sous vide still cant retain the same amount of crisp-ness as opposed to traditional saute, Chicken skin on the other hand, you can get crisp easily

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