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Homemade: Scallop Garden



Paste: Roasted walnuts – Anchovies – Fish sauce – Water – Sugar – Mascarpone cheese

This is a variation off of David Chang’s variation, I added mascarpone cheese to tone down the ‘fishiness’ of the paste, also to give it a more creamy, melt in your mouth kind of mouthfeel. The paste binds the dish together

Edible ‘Soil’ : Dehydrated black olives

Idea was that tapenade is one of the first condiments I think of when I think of eating scallops, just borrowing flavors that I think work well together


Fresh radishes, refreshed in ice water. Brings a freshness and textural crunch to the dish

Scallop carpaccio infused with yuzu vinaigrette

Yuzu vinaigrette is made from yuzu juice, yuzu powder, yuzu gel concentrate, ginger, splash of sesame oil. Scallops are sliced fairly thick, about half a centimeter so that they do not get lost in the midst of all the components. They are tossed in the vinaigrette and put into a iSi whipping cream canister, charged with N2O, this is basically nitrogen cavitation, marinating the scallops in a matter of seconds

Miso Tuille

Sweet, salty, umami bomb. This is just downright fucking delicious. Works with fish, shellfish, chicken, on its own etc…

Chive Oil

Olive oil blended with blended chives, strained

Ham&Bacon Gelee

The idea to use this is based on a very classic appetizer, bacon wrapped in scallops. I am simply borrowing flavors from dishes that already exist. Ham and bacon pieces put into a pot, covered with water and boiled till you get a ham&bacon stock, set in gelatine

Spring onion ‘grass’

Spring onions sliced lengthwise, refreshed in ice water

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