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Homemade: Seared threadfish

Seared threadfish, cooked on a saute pan till an internal temperature of 50C.

Potato cut outs cooked in duck fat, constant basting



I recently had the tasting menu at Pollen, one of the mains was a beef dish, it had three sauces on the plate- a pesto, a jus, and a parmesan cream. There was no major flaws with the dish, and it tasted well, but it got to a point where it was confusing as to how the dish was meant to be eaten, do I mix the pesto with the condiments, and eat the beef with the jus and parmesan cream? Or does it work the other way around. There were too many permutations. It made me re-evaluate the food I cook, if the diner cannot see the vision and message of the dish in 1-2 bites, then perhaps the dish is too noisy.


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