Tetsuya’s Confit trout (Salmon), homecooked

Well, this should really be a post on Quay as I had previously promised, but I figured that this would be as good a time as any to post this dish. The moment I had it at Tetsuya’s I knew I had to try to replicate this at home. I wanted to challenge myself and do it without searching for the actual recipe online.

I first took 2 sheets of dried kombu that I had bought from tsukiji market a long time ago. I braised it in dashi and soy sauce until it was fairly soft. I then did a rough dice, before dehydrating it at 60C overnight. After it got crisp, I grinded it in a coffee grinder, but I did not grind it down to a powder so it still had some uneven pieces.

The salmon, I struggled to find a cut of salmon that could exactly replicate the shape of the one I had at Tetsuya’s, but the protein was always going to be a compromise since I was using salmon instead of trout. I settled for the best looking piece I could get my hands on. I simply poached it an aromatic oil very very lightly, never letting the oil come above 45C, basically just to warm through. I then pulled it from the oil and placed it onto a plate.

I mixed a little olive oil with the kombu seasoning to make it a paste, but I kept the ratio of the olive oil low so that the kombu didnt get too wet. I then pressed the paste into the salmon, before topping it with chopped chives and sea salt.

I also made a chive oil, but only later realised that it should have been a parsley oil. (I saw the original dish was topped with chives and assumed it would be a chive oil)

It worked out pretty well, the salmon was a good texture, the kombu crust didn’t quite taste like the original but I realise now that the process they use is quite different from what I did, it was still delicious though, seaweed umami seasoning, can’t really go wrong withthat. It was pretty fun replicating a dish based on how I thought I would do it at home, something I definitely need to try more often!




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