www.lennardy.com and new beginnings

Hello world! It’s been a while. People have often asked me on Instagram why I don’t have a blog, and the people that have found my blog have often asked me why I don’t update my blog anymore. The reason I’ve always given is because times have changed, blogs are becoming more and more obselete. With the surge in social and online media, everything is condensed, everything is a summary of a summary of a summary. 160 characters to sum up what you want to say, to convey an idea, or a thought, or a message; the way I saw it, noone wants to read blogs anymore, noone wants to read a wall of text when you can be visually stimulated by a small square shaped picture with a short caption, straight to the point. That’s what I’ve been telling people, and while I don’ think that its untrue, the truth is, it has been my excuse to be lazy , because I know that writing a post on a blog takes considerably more effort than posting a photo on Instagram with a caption, at least if you care about what you write.

I’ve also realised over time that Instagram isn’t the right platform for certain things. Instagram has made my attention span incredibly short, if I don’t understand the crux of what a photo is trying to convey within a matter of seconds, I would have scrolled past it already. Images which, I’m sure many have put considerable effort into, I sometime scroll past in a split second, and this bothers me, but at the end of the day, that IS the way that Instagram is set up to be, isn’t it? Maybe the ‘insta’ in the name isnt referring to posting photos instantly, instead it refers to how viewers tend to react to what’s being posted. Perhaps being self aware is the first step to changing something that you dislike about yourself. I’m part of the problem, and I’m sure many others are as well, some have it much worse than me, given the number of times I’ve seen a photo being geotagged and people commenting “Where is this?”

So this is a reaction to the change that I want to see in myself, I want to read again, which means I want to write again. The content on this website prior to this moment has all been mapped from my previous blog, http://www.wishihadafoodpun.wordpress.com, I don’t quite know whether or not to call it a food blog, it started out as a place for me to archive my thoughts on meals I’ve had, and my experiments with sous vide cooking. I expect this to continue if I can force myself to make the effort to write, these posts take a considerable amount of time, especially if I don’t blog fast enough after I’ve had the meal and the memory becomes fuzzier over time(althought I do take notes). But this has never meant to be a food review blog, I’m merely recording my thoughts on the meal, sort of like taking the minutes for a meal. I’ve come to realise that everything I eat has shaped the way my brain works, whether consciously or unconsciously, the more you think about the food you eat, the more ideas you draw from the food you surround yourself with- The way the food is cooked, the way the spices and the herbs and the flavors pair with one another, the way a dish is plated, the way a dish smells, the way a restaurant table is set up, how the servers interact with the customers, the way a menu is written, the tableware used during a meal, there is a wealth of information to be had, if only we stopped to be cognizant about it. So this going to be the nerve center of the food portion of my brain, the place where I reflect on experiments I’m messing about with in the kitchen, food rants, restaurant reflections, and thoughts on food in general. I hope you’ll enjoy reading it as much as I’ll (try to) enjoy writing it

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