Corner house, Singapore

Assiette of appetizers: Toasted bread, soft shell crab with mango puree and tobiko, Fresh baby tomatoes with pine nuts and balsamic vinegar, duck rilettes, foie gras with smoked duck, yuzu jam

Nothing particularly inspiring, but the bread had a nice hard crust and just the right amount of chewy-ness left in the center. I thought the baby tomatoes weren’t particularly flavorful and it seemed strange to choose to serve it in a manner that really requires an incredible tasting tomato.

The highlight of the fancy sounding assortment of appetizers was easily the foie gras, the smokiness of the duck embedded in the center of the foie seemed to elevate the unctuousness of the foie itself, a prime example of how when you choose the right  components to support a primary ingredient, the whole is much greater than the sum of its parts. The yuzu marmalade was the perfect accompaniment to the foie, especially given that the jam was not overbearingly sweet. Okay-Good




Corner House Egg benedict: Marinated Salmon trout, tobiko, Vin Jaune hollandaise

I think its pretty gutsy for a fine dining restaurant to serve an eggs benedict, and not even the addition of Vin Jaune really made this eggs benedict particularly interesting or special. Okay


62 Degree Farm egg: Fricassee of mushroom, smoked bacon, croutons, poultry emulsion

Is anyone else tired of seeing sous vide eggs around? So many restaurants try to do avant garde variations of dishes built around a sous vide egg, and so many fail terribly. But this, this was on point. I actually preferred this to the infamous Jaan egg dish, the mushrooms were perfectly cooked, just the right amount of bite, and a much punchier flavor overall compared to the jaan dish, with  the poultry emulsion(I believe its reducued poultry stock and cream) tied everything together nicely. Not as theatrical as other egg dishes, but one built around the most important factor- taste. Good-very good


Hokkaido Scallop: Sweet corn, burnt leek, iberico chorizo (Not a full size, on the house)

This was one of the main dish choices(which I didn’t pick), so I’m not sure why this was given to me on the house, but I know better than to turn away food. The scallop was very nicely cooked, although I think the scallop at naked finn still takes the tropy for me in Singapore. The sweet corn was, unfortunately, not as sweet as I thought it was going to be and fell a litte flat against the flavor of the scallop, which was a shame. But the corn puree did add a nice big of weight and richness to a dish in need of it. I wasn’t particularly fond of the texture of the buckwheat crisp/tuile. Okay


Cappellini Pasta: Duck confit, natural jus, trompette de la mort, rocket leaves

Easily the worst dish of the meal, the duck confit was shredded yet the meat was somewhat hard and dry, the flavor of the mushroom didn’t really compliment the flavor of the duck, and it was tossed in far too much oil. Nothing really worked for me. Bad


Chefs Inspiration: Mangalitsa pork, brocolli puree, daikon, chilli puree

This was a daily special, the pork was perfectly cooked, it looked like it was cooked sous vide and seared a la plancha, I’m not complaining, the fat was jelly like and the meat had the right amount of chew to it, the brocolli puree  as smooth as you could possibly get it, and the flavors actually worked quite nicely with the pork. Good


Tiramisu <Modern>: Cafe foam, Mascarpone creme, amaretto ice cream, Kahlua

I loved this. I’m not usually a fan of tiramisu but this was very nicely done, the coffee and mascarpone both came in the form of foams, which turned the traditionally heavy tiramisu into one that is empirically light. It is there one moment and dissipates the next, leaving the intense flavor of coffee on your tongue, the lack of body is made up for by cubes of cake, slightly more dense than a sponge, and tiny, super thin shards of chocolate shavings. The proportion of ingredients, the flavors, the plating, everything came together and worked as a cohesive unit. This is what modern technique is and should be about, reinventing classics and elevating them. Very good


Salted egg yolk macaron

I wish this were a lot bigger. Slightly gritty buttercream but flavor was strong, as it should be. Good


Corner house ended up being one of my favorite fine dining restaurant experiences in Singapore, despite the fact that I spent 20 minutes searching for the place(You have to come from one particular direction to see signs to the restaurant), service was attentive, the layout of the restaurant is beautiful, and the food is not only delicious, but matches the location of the restaurant(botanical gardens). One caveat was that the server failed to mention that there was a supplement charge for choosing the daily chefs inspiration item as a main, not a big deal, but these are the things that all restaurants to be highlighting when the menu is brought out. Regardless, the flavors are pretty bold despite the plating of the food being dainty and precise, I can happily say that I can’t wait to return to try a longer menu next time



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