Augustiner Keller, Germany

Heading out from our train station for Munich in search for a nice dinner, we ended up at Augustiner Keller, a biergarten(2nd largest beer garden in Munich), but of course, we were a little late for Oktoberfest so noone was seated outside. The place was quite packed and we were lucky we went there with a reservation

Schmankerlplatte: mixed compound, Suckling pig, grilled sausages, pork knuckle, piece of roast duck, sauerkraut and veg

This was probably the best meat platter we had on the trip. None of the meats were overcooked, not even the duck. The knuckle was surprisingly not as fat as I thought it would be(still soft though), but the suckling big was melt in your mouth fatty goodness. Good

Roast pork w dark beer gravy, potato dumpling, and red cabbage

the roast pork was one of the leanest we had this trip, it was slightly dry, but the dark beer gravy gave it life, with a hint of lingering bitterness in the mouth. The potato dumpling was also different from anything that we have had so far, it had an almost kueh-like consistency(sorry for all you non Singaporean readers, I can’t seem to think of a western food with similar consistency), which meant that it didn’t taste of potato all that much. The red cabbage(Not pictured) had an incredibly off putting taste that I couldn’t discern. It tasted almost metallic to me, with a very intense and pungent aftertaste. My sister seemed to love it though, go figure. Bad

Bread crumbed schnitzel of veal saddle w roast potatoes, mixed salad

The first time having veal schnitzel on the trip, although we didn’t really have a lot of schnitzel on the trip. The veal didn’t have as intense a taste as pork and I think its too delicate a flavor to be battered and deep fried. The crumbs protected the schnitzel well and the veal kept it’s moisture pretty well. Okay