Central Cafe, Hungary

Our last stop before heading over to Vienna was at Central cafe, and old and traditional cafe with a great central location within Budapest, serving up a wide range of coffees as well as pastries


Poached egg w goose liver, crispy onion rings

The eggs were not poached as advertised, but were instead scrambled. They look overcooked in the photo, but were actually quite moisy. The crispness and sweetness of the onion rings complimented the soft goose liver, but the goose liver did not have the complex and rich flavours of French foie gras. Okay

Baguette w homemade mangalitsa/mangalica ham 

I was surprised by how savoury the ham was, it had a strong flavour, almost on par with iberico or serrano varieties, but it lacked… balance, all you tasted was overwhelming saltyness after a few bites of this. Okay

Chocolate croissant 

I had seen croissants all over Budapest but I was holding off from eating any because my justification that any croissant eating should be done in our next stop, Paris. I later learnt that croissants actually originated from Vienna, the only saving grace I had was that the French managed to perfect it(Or so they claim, but I dont doubt it). This Hungarian version turned out very good, there wasn’t alot of chocolate involved, but the pastry had a nice crisp crust on the outside, and soft, velvety layers on the inside that were deeply satisfying. Good