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Patisseries and Misc, Tokyo

To round off my trips with a pictorial of sweet things that I ate

Pierre Herme’s Mogador macaron (Passionfruit)

Pierre Herme’s pistache macaron

Can’t believe I’ve never had the infamous ispahan until Tokyo, this is the most balanced macaron I’ve ever had in terms of flavor, pity the buttercream filling was a little too cold

Henri Charpentier strawberry cake. Sponge was very soft and fluffy

Henri Charpentier Strawberry and pistacho macaron. Both terrible

Henri Charpentier double baked financier. The regular financier was delicious but I didn’t take a photo

Yokohama Francais green tea Mille Feuille. The (cute) girl at Henri charpentier(that’s not why I bought so many items from Henri) recommended this to me, it did not disappoint. Each layer of the mille feuille was distinct and unbelievably crisp, the green tea flavor was assertive



Jean Paul Hevin’s dark chocolate ganache and chocolate macaron. A friend of mine used to work at JPH and she bought these for me, insisting that I have to try their macaron. The buttercream had an amazing texture, almost like a whipped chocolate custard, not dense at all.

Green tea biscuits, these were from Kyoto

Kyo Hayashiya’s green tea parfait. I dont think this was for one person, but I did my best

This isn’t a sweet dish, but this fried chicken became a standard snack after stumbling out of bars at 2am in Sancha. Readily available at all convenience stores, it was oily, spicy, piping hot, ¬†all the pre-requisites for drunk food

More convenience store food, onigiri with a liquid yolk? Japan is amazing

The last dish is from a Kushiyage or Kushikatsu bar in Sancha, the one I frequented the most when I was there. It is basically a tiny bar, run by one guy, that serves breaded and deep fried everything- cheese, asparagus and ham, okra(lady’s finger) and loads more; one thing that they didn’t have was a sweet dish, so our group(a Singaporean, American and Canadian) decided to bring our Gaijin ideas to this place. We popped into the nearest convenience store and bought 2 Mars bars, instructing the bar owner to freeze and fry it. These tiny nuggets were passed around the bar, hilarity and amusement ensued, everyone loved it, although this might have something to do with the fact that everyone was drunk.